Range Safety Officer (RSO) Course


Start7th Sep 2019



NRA Jane Barnes

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The NRA Range Safety Officer’s Course is intended for club shooters of all levels of experience, who may not have had any formal training in the practical aspects of running ranges. The primary aim of the course is to enhance range safety by providing practical and relevant training and guidance. The NRA RSO qualification is also promoted as “best practice” for all clubs that shoot at Bisley.

The course is not specific to any particular shooting discipline or type of range, and is designed to give as much opportunity as possible for the students to practice running a safe range. In the regions the course will be tailored to the needs of individual clubs whilst ensuring that the training remains relevant to the operation of any range.

The RSO course consists of written and oral tests and on-range practical assessments. Other essential topics, such as the law, range regulations, and guest days are covered. The RSO will command the same status as an RCO on all civilian ranges.

The following criteria will apply to all candidates:
The applicant must be 18 years of age and must be a member of a Home Office Approved Club.


£ 142

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£159.00 Non-NRA Member