Small-bore Long Range Match

Start14th Apr 2019

Target Rifle, Match Rifle, Service Rifle, Gallery Rifle


NRA Becky Mills

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Small-bore Long Range Match

Sunday 14th April



The Small-bore Long Range Match is open to any single shot rifle (Magazine rifles must be loaded by single shots)

Matches are shot in the afternoon only, in two details starting at 200 yards and falling back to 300 yards.



MRSB Class: Iron – magnifying or telescopic sights may be fitted. The forward hand may also be rested, but the rifle itself may not touch the rest and the butt may not be rested or touch the ground.

TRSB Class: Iron sights only. The forward hand may not be rested.

SRSB Class: British or foreign military training rifles such as the Enfield No 2, 8 or 9, foreign equivalents or Morris tube conversions, fitted with Iron sights of any type. The forward hand may be rested as for MRSB.



Competitors are to supply their own ammunition.

.22 Long Rifle, .22 Long Rimfire or .22 Short Rimfire ammunition may be used.


To Enter



This competition is open to NRA Members, and Non-Members who hold a Gallery Rifle/Carbine SCC.


For more details on Small-bore shooting, please visit the National Small-bore Rifle Association website


£ 28.00

Entry Fee*

*Under 25’s receive a 40% discount on entry fees