Target Rifle Imperial

150th Imperial Meeting

Start18th Jul 2019

Target Rifle


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Target Rifle Imperial Meeting 2019

Thursday 18th – Saturday 27th July



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Target Rifle (TR) evolved from Service Rifle shooting in the late 1960s. Previously the .303″ calibre No. 4 Service Rifle was used with the addition of precision sights that were adjustable for elevation and windage.

TR involves prone single shot precision shooting using aperture iron sights at ’round bull’ targets at distances from 300 to 1000 yards, with each shot carefully scored, recorded and analysed.

The Imperial Meeting

The first Imperial Meeting was contested on Wimbledon Common, in south-west London, in 1860. Queen Victoria fired the first shot and presented a gold medal and £250 to the best individual marksman.

This set the pattern for the National Rifle Association’s annual Meeting, with the objective of promoting and encouraging marksmanship throughout the Queen’s (or King’s) dominions. The Imperial Meeting has been held every year since then, with the exception of the years during the two World Wars. The Meeting has been held at its current location Bisley since 1890.

The Queen’s Prize

The Queen’s (or King’s) Prize remains the premier award for the Meeting’s top shot, with the gold medal and £250 prize still given to the winner, and is regarded as the ultimate prize by Target Rifle shooters all over the world.

The Meeting comprises of individual competitions, aggregates, and team matches, with some featuring separate prizes dependant on a shooter’s class. As a result you can shoot against people of similar ability, even as a novice, and still have the chance to enjoy success.

Teams can be formed from Clubs, Counties, Services, Schools, Countries or event family members. International teams welcome overseas competitors to take part in what, for many, is the largest and most prestigious competition of its type in the world.

Typically over a third of Target Rifle competitors are aged under 21, many in their first year of shooting.

Similarly we regularly welcome competitors aged over 80 – it really is a sport for all ages. Men and women, able bodied and disabled, all compete on an equal field whilst engaging in open competition.

Cadet Shooting

Many that shoot in the Schools and Cadets Meeting (13th – 17th July) also shoot in the Target Rifle competitions.

Individual Concurrent

There are a number of Individual Concurrent matches available throughout the meeting. Please click here for details and an entry form. Full details on all matches is in the NRA handbook (Bisley Bible), available here.