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    Gallery range with a total of 108 targets

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Type: Gallery Range

Danger area: Limited Danger Area (LDA)

Distance: 100 – 600yds


  • 128 target lanes divided into 10 butts
  • Butt 10:
    • 20 lanes for primary use of the 300m shed
    • Lanes 1 – 8 are Kongsberg electronic targets
    • Mcqueen Castles can be fitted on lanes 12, and 14/15.
  • Butts 11 – 19:
    • 12 target lanes per butt
    • Mcqueen Castles can be fitted on lanes 70, 72, 85, 87, 89, and 97.
  • 12 Intarso Electronic Targets:
    • Located in Butt 14
    • Predominantly 600 yards – dependent on range layout (check with range office)
  • 6 Kongsberg Electronic Targets
    • Located in Butt 19 (103 – 108)
    • Tuesday/Wednesday – 200x
    • Thursday/Friday – 100x
    • Saturday/Sunday – 300x
    • The above is dependent on range layout (check with range office)

The electronic targets offer the distinct advantage of immediate feedback without the added cost of a marker.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee markers or the quality of the marking; the Intarso electronic system is the solution. It will offer a quick and reliable reading of fall of shot on the target through a closed (box type) shot detection system.

Range Notices and Regulations

All people should appreciate that it is their responsibility to be aware of and comply with instructions and regulations together with any further instructions that are issued by the Range Office.

You must read the range regulations which can be downloaded from the website here.

For specific Century range regulations, please click here.

Opening Times

The Ranges are open every day except for Mondays. Start and end times are signaled by
the hooter. The times vary as follows:

Low Season

Follows Greenwich Mean Time dates

08.30-12.30 & 13.30-16.00
(dependent on light)

08.30-12.30 & 13.30-16.00
(dependent on light. 1630 from March)

High Season

Follows British Summer Time dates

08.30-12.30 & 13.30-16.30

08.30-12.30 & 13.30-17.30


  • 100 yrds
  • 200 yrds
  • 300 yrds
  • 400 yrds
  • 500 yrds
  • 600 yrds

Type: Rifles; gallery rifles, shotguns and pistols by special arrangement only
• Maximum Muzzle Velocity: 1000 m/s (3280 ft/s)
• Maximum Muzzle Energy: 4500 J (3319 ft/lb)
• HME Permitted: 4500J – 7000J HME procedures apply


At the left hand side there is car parking at the 300m shed. At the right hand side there are two car parks at the 300 yards point, one of which is on the range.

There is parking along the back of the 600x point.

Parking on the Range Floor is by permission of the Range Office only.


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