Procedure for the General Council Elections 2019

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Eligibility of Candidates and Proposers

Only persons who are Registered Members of the Association and who have fully paid up their subscriptions for 31st March 2019 are eligible to be Candidates for election to the General Council and to be Proposers for such Candidates.


Regional and Shooting Discipline Candidature and Voting

Those voting for Regional Candidates must live in the appropriate Sports Council Region even though their nominated Candidates for election may live elsewhere.

Those voting for Shooting Discipline Candidates must have previously declared that Shooting Discipline to the NRA as their primary Shooting Discipline.


Eligibility for voting will be determined as at 30th April 2019.


Curriculum Vitae

 In order to assist the Registered Members with their choice of representatives in the election, a CV for each Candidate will be provided with the voting papers.  A draft of no more than 150 words should accompany the nomination.  A passport sized photograph of the Candidate will accompany all CVs.  A content layout for the CVs is on the pro-forma.


The Chief Executive will refer back to authors where CVs are too long or are or appear to be factually incorrect.


The Programme of key date for Elections


31st March 2019

 All Candidates and Proposers must be fully paid-up Registered Members of the Association by this date.


30th April 2019

a. Nominations for all vacancies must be returned to the Chief Executive by 17:00 on this date.

b. Registered Members must be qualified for voting for their respective Regional or Shooting Discipline Candidate by this date.

c. All Members desiring to vote must be fully paid-up Registered Members by this date.


22nd May 2019

Voting slips will be posted out to all entitled Members by this date together with the procedures for voting.


12th July 2019

Voting slips in the correct envelope supplied must be received by the NRA office by mail or by hand, no later than 5.00pm on this date.


Scrutineers appointed by the Council

 To be notified after the Council Meeting on 13th April 2019.



 All results will be confirmed at the General Council meeting in September.


 Routine Vacancies

There will be the following vacancies in 2019, all of whom are entitled to stand for re-election.


           Five Ordinary Members

M Maksimovic

RM Roberts

Mrs KD Robertson

I Thomson

SCW Dixon


            Three Regional Members

            G Trembath – Northern

Dr JD Warburton (GM GC SB3) – Yorkshire and Humberside

HF Dunton – Eastern


            Three Shooting Discipline Members

            CES Dickenson – Target Rifle

DN Kent – F Class

Dr AP Wolpe – Muzzle Loading


*  Not standing for re-election

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