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It has come to the NRA’s attention that the Home Office and police are no longer sending reminders that Clubs’ Home Office Approvals are due for renewal. Allowing Approval to lapse can have significant consequences for a club and its members, in three main ways:

Approval is a condition of holding a licence to use MoD ranges, so access to those may be denied.

Approval is essential to enable members to use full-bore rifles without a certificate, and may be necessary to allow members to use small-bore rifles without a certificate.

Holding a Firearm Certificate for target shooting usually requires an Approved club to be named on the certificate, so if club Approval lapses the validity of members’ FACs may be compromised.

Secretaries are urged to check the renewal date of their club’s Approval. If the Approval has lapsed and further advice is required, please contact the NRA Safety, Legal & Technical Officer.

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Just in time for the change of weather, we have reintroduced our undercover military style tents with raised firing points for the butt 14 electronics targets. The firing point is slightly in front of the usual 600x point.   Please contact the Range office for more information

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