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The National Rifle Association will be hosting large calibre sporting rifle day, affectionately known as “Short Range Heavy Bullet Day”, at Bisley on Friday 27 September 2019.


A Short Range Heavy Bullet (“SRHB”) firearm is one that has the following characteristics:

  • maximum muzzle energy of 14,000J (10,325ft/lbs);
  • maximum velocity of 800m/s (2,625ft/s); and
  • minimum bullet weight of 400 grains.

Due to the nature of the firearms being used all shooting will be conducted under the supervision of an NRA nominated Range Officer and attendees will be required to conduct a short range HME zero from a distance of 75 yards prior to progressing to the afternoon shoot. A LabRadar chronograph will be available for the use of attendees on the firing point to check MV and loads etc.


During the afternoon it is customary to conduct a “Special Snap Competition” for those that wish to partake.

Outline Itinerary:

o   0900 – Coffee will be available in the Pavilion reception.

o   0930 – Safety brief

o   1000 – First Detail

o   1230 – Lunch break.  The Army Target Shooting Club  (ATSC) will be requested to provide a hot lunch for those that require it.

o   1330 – Recommence shooting

o   1630 – Ceasefire


The cost will be £65.00 per person payable in advance.


For further information please e-mail:

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