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2019 is not just a special year because of the 150th Imperial Meeting, it is also a special year for Sporting Rifle shooters.  With 1,079 of the current 9,202 NRA members being Sporting Rifle discipline members I am very pleased to announce five new competitions that have been introduced to the Imperial this year just for them:


  • The Fox Test
  • The Running Deer
  • The Running Boar
  • The Stalkers Test
  • The Swedish Deer


These will all be held over the first weekend of the Meeting, 13 and 14 July, on the ‘Running Deer’ ranges next to Melville.  Entry forms can be found on the NRA website and full details of the rules and courses of fire are on pages 304 – 306 of the 2019 NRA Bible.  Please come and support these, even if you’re not a Sporting Rifle discipline member, they’re open to all members and if popular will hopefully become a regular feature of the Imperial.


As well as these exciting new competitions there will also be old favourites in the form of the British Running Deer Championships and Running Deer Unlimiteds as well as the Sporting McQueen.  Details of which can be found in the 2019 Bible on pages 303 and 237 respectively.


Steve Wallis – Sporting Rifle Discipline Representative

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