Gallery Rifle Skills Development Course

Start4th Nov 2018



NRA Sharon Baker

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Gallery Rifle Skills Course

Sunday 4th November



The Gallery Rifle Skills Course will provide the fundamental skills for taking part in GR events and competitions, and will include individual coaching on the following topics:

  • Positional techniques including Standing, Sitting and Kneeling
  • Competitive Circuit
  • Marksmanship
  • GR Classes
  • Types of firearms
  • Kit and equipment
  • Zeroing
  • Grouping practice
  • Dry firing and match practice

The Course is open to all NRA members including those who do not currently hold an FAC or possess the appropriate firearm, but have successfully completed the required probationary course. Non NRA members can attend providing they possess the appropriate firearm and pay the additional course fee.


The course will involve both classroom and practical range work with expert coaching from national and international level shooters.


£ 73.50

Course Fee

Fee includes range fees, targets, scorebook, individual coaching and lunch. Ammunition and firearms are not included and attendees are expected to arrange, or bring their own.