Gallery Rifle & Pistol Imperial

150th Imperial Meeting

Start17th Jul 2019



NRA Mark Haigh

01483 797777 ext 139

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Gallery Rifle & Pistol Imperial Meeting 2019

Wednesday 17th – Sunday 21st July



The meeting is open to all shooters and offers competition in Gallery Rifle Centrefire (GRCF), Gallery Rifle Small-Bore (GRSB), Long Barrel Revolver and Pistol (LBR/LBP) and Muzzle Loading Revolver/Pistol (MLP/MLR)

Unlimited medal matches: Enter these competitions as many times as you like Wednesday to Sunday, your best score will count for medal qualifications (which can be purchased at cost after the Meeting). Competition cards are available in advance when purchasing a Grand Aggregate package, or on range during the Meeting. NRA Gold Medals are awarded to the competitor who submits the best two cards in each event (except Muzzle Loading and 50m which require one card).

Squadded trophy matches: Each match takes place at a specific time over the weekend.

Team matches: Teams comprise of 4 shooters. Entry fees include entry to each required Unlimited match plus £3 for the aggregate.


The format of the Imperial is slightly different to many GR meetings people may attend so we advise downloading the entry form and GR&P Handbook