Gallery Rifle National Open Championships

Start31st Aug 2019



NRA Mark Haigh

01483 797777 ext 139


Gallery Rifle National Open Championships 2019

Saturday 31st August – Sunday 1st September

**Entries open approximately 6 weeks prior to the start of the competition**


This Gallery Rifle National Open Championship is open to any competitor who has the appropriate SCC for the matches they are looking to enter.

Many of the matches feature during our other Gallery Rifle Weekends including Advancing Target, Timed and Precision, Multi-Target, 1020, 1500, Speed Steels, Mini McQueen (among others).

In addition four Short Range Championship prizes awarded to those who showcase overall ability in GRCF, GRSB, LBP or LBR. By entering all five of the following events in any one gun type you will be automatically entered for the Championship:

25m Precision 
– Timed & Precision One – Multi-Target – 1020 – Advancing Target


Competitions for Non-GR&P Disciplines:

Index # Competition Name Further comments
6380  200yds Any Fullbore Rifle  Any fullbore rifle with any sights
6381  200yds Service Rifle A pre 1955
6382  200yds Service Rifle B pre 1955
6383  200yds Service Rifle Open pre 1955
6392 200m Service Rifle post 1955 Service optic
6580  The McQueen  Any scoped rifle
6590  The McQueen (issued rifle)  [Issued AI Rifle] – any competitor can take part in this event


Added extras:

Aside from the GR&P events on Melville, Butt Zero will feature Speed Steels and Bianchi on Saturday.

On Short Siberia the multi-positional fullbore shooting events are shot beside the 200x McQueen matches on the Saturday.

The popular Mini McQueen runs throughout the weekend on Time Limit.


Skills Courses:

For those new or looking to try Gallery Rifle, we run 1-day ‘Skills Development’ courses aimed at introducing you to the discipline. Advanced courses are also available, which focus more closely on specific matches and competition practice.

Further details are available here including the dates of up coming courses.