150th Imperial Meeting

Start15th Jul 2019



NRA Shooting Division

01483 797777 ext 208


McQueen Imperial 2019

Monday 15th – Wednesday 24th July


The McQueen events during the Imperial Meeting comprise of 7 different snap shooting competitions, all shot at 300 yards in front of the 300 yard shed on Century Range.

For full details of the below events please see the NRA Handbook (Bisley Bible).


All entries are taken on the range on the day, no advanced entry or payment required


McQueen A (Precision)

Rifles: NRA issued sniper rifles (see Para 153 of NRA Handbook)

Ammunition: Ammunition as issued which must be purchased on the range. Cadets may use military issue ammunition during the Schools’ and Cadet Imperial Meetings


McQueen B (Target)

Rifle: Any Target Rifle (Para 150, but may be fitted with any sight) or Match Rifle (Para 156).

Ammunition: None provided


McQueen C (Classic) –  Sponsored by Sykes McQueen

Rifle: Historic (Issued) Sniper Rifles. Any rifle and sights prior to 1945 designs: the sights and mounts must be in the spirit of the original. Any position, including Hawkins. Only the sandbags provided may be used to support the rifle

Ammunition: Any (see Para 116)


McQueen D (Sporting)

Rifle: NRA Sporting Rifles (see Para 159)

Ammunition: As supplied, must be purchased on the range


McQueen E (Open)

Rifle: Any Sniper Rifles (see Para 152)

Ammunition: Any (see Para 116)


McQueen F (Any Rifle)

Rifle: Any Rifle within range limits

Ammunition: Any (see Para 116)


McQueen G (Civilian Service Rifle)

Rifle: Service Optic (see Para 389)

Ammunition: 5.56mm/.223″ (see Para 390)


The McQueen Pairs

Open to any number of teams of two from any rifle club affiliated to the NRA, Unit of HM Forces or visiting team (regardless of discipline). To be awarded to the teams whose aggregate scores, each member firing the McQueen A (Precision) match once only, make up the highest aggregates.

The McQueen Ace Trophy

Open to competitors shooting in the McQueen A, C and E competitions.  The best score in each of the above three matches must be aggregated on the claim card, which must be handed in by 08:30 on Second Thursday.