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I am truly honoured to have been elected by the NRA Council as Captain of the Great Britain Rifle Team to compete in the next Palma Match, which is scheduled to be contested in South Africa 2023. I am delighted to announce that Nick Tremlett will be my Vice Captain and Derek Lowe will be my Adjutant.

As part of our preparations for the Palma Match I consider it essential for there to be a full pre-tour in 2022. I am very pleased to say that the NRA have agreed to sanction this as an official GB tour. I fully expect any applicants, with aspirations for a place on the 2023 team, to make themselves available for the 2022 trip.

The final team will number twenty-five members and I intend to take a cohesive, well trained and highly competitive team with the aim of regaining the Palma Trophy for GB.

I plan to select a training squad in Spring 2020 comprising around 50 people with the intention of identifying talent both in shooting and coaching skills. I am keen that applications are received from both established GB shooters and individuals aspiring to big match competition. Given the long lead up to the event I strongly encourage any shooters and coaches who feel they have the potential to perform at elite level, to apply for the squad. I reserve the right to bring in additional squad members, at a later date, to ensure the final team represents the best talent available.

It is my intention to integrate squad selection and training with the GB U21 and U25 teams and therefore encourage younger applicants.

Please send your application to me by email ( as soon as practicable; applications will close at the end of March 2020. Any application will be followed up by a request for further information.


Jeremy Langley, Captain – GB Palma 2023.

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