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The current GR&P classification system has undergone a review during 2019, and the following changes will come into place for 2020:

  • All classifications will in future be based on the best score achieved in the previous five years, rather than the best score on record, for each shooter in each event
  • The Bianchi GRSB & GRCF events (1701, 1702) are being reduced from five classes (X A B C D) to three (X A B) as there are far fewer people taking part compared to when the classifications were first established
  • The Timed & Precision 1 GRSB & GRCF events (0701, 0702) are being expanded from three classes (X A B) to five (X A B C D). The same is happening for the Multi-Target GRSB & GRCF (1101, 1102) events and the Advancing Target GRSB & GRCF (1901, 1902) events. This is due to the popularity of these competitions
  • Three classifications (X A B) are being introduced for the 1020 GRSB and GRCF events (1601, 1602), which have also become very popular

This means that, if you have scores recorded for any of these events during the past five years, you may find yourself in a new class at the beginning of 2020. The qualifying scores for each class, and the resulting classifications, can be found on the website. The qualifying scores are also included in the 2020 GR&P Handbook

The qualifying scores for standards in these events will also change, these will also be published in the 2020 GR&P Handbook – Estimated to be published early March 2020


GR&P Standards are also under review and amendments will be published in the 2020 handbook

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We are sorry to learn that Sqn Ldr Steve Williams of the Air Cadets (1344 Cardiff Sqn) and Welsh Fullbore and Smallbore coach passed away shortly before midnight on Saturday 11.01.20 having been suffering for several years with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Funeral details to follow when known.

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