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Target Rifle Tyro Status


For those that have perused the online version of the 2019 NRA handbook, you may have noted a change to Rule 718b, which defines Tyro status for Target Rifle. The below explains the change and its affect on classes for this year’s Imperial Meeting.

Rule 718b as stated in the 2018 NRA Handbook stated that a Target Rifle Tyro is: ‘One who, before the present Meeting, has never been in the open prize list in any competition included on the current​ individual’s entry form in which the firearm is given as TR, above​ the “Last O in”.’ 

The revised Rule 718b states that a Target Rifle Tyro is: ‘One who in any single previous Meeting has not been in three or more open prize lists above the “Last O in”, in any competition​ included on the current individual’s entry form in which the firearm ​is given as TR.’

The revised rule 718b became effective on 1 April 2019, and only applies to classification changes arising from of the results of the 2019 Imperial Meeting.

The change in ruling is not retrospective.


The list below indicates those that broke their Tyro status following the 2018 Imperial Meeting, and their new classification:


TRID Title Inits Name New Class
5997 Cdt JW Allan O
5623 Cdt MM Bamford O
6002 Miss N Barnes O
6007 Cdt D Billings O
5779 Miss AB Burrows O
6020 Cdt F Carrier O
6021 Miss C Catuogno-Cal A
6023 Mr C Chen O
6024 Mr S Cherry A
6028 Cdt S Couillard O
6029 Mr CS Courtness O
4143 Mr C Crabtree A
5793 Cdt T Cubitt A
5499 Cdt WP Cubitt O
5652 Mr D Du Toit A
6037 Mr P Du Toit O
6038 Cdt LA Duffett O
5508 Mr S Edwards O
6041 Mr I Farnell O
6047 Cdt A Fournier O
6048 Mr D Fox O
3745 Mr RA Fullerton O
5666 Mr TG Garfield-Bennett O
6051 Cdt A Giasson-Pitre O
6054 Miss A Good O
6055 Miss L Gorgens O
6060 Cdt D Hayden O
5815 Mr B Hebblethwaite O
5816 Mr AW Hellings X
6062 Mr N Hendrikz O
5824 Miss O Hutt O
3891 Mr LRM Irungu O
5404 Mr M Jones O
5831 Cdt K Kapustina O
5833 LCpl J Keates A
6075 Mr J Kellinger O
6076 Cdt J Kim O
5836 Mr CK Kiptarus A
6079 Miss A Lawrence O
5693 Miss K Lindsay O
2488 Mr G Marples O
6088 Cdt L McPherson O
5706 Mr A Methven O
6091 Cdt K Morrison O
5846 Mr W Mulholland O
5847 LCpl J Murphy O
3945 Mr EK Ngetich O
5714 Mr GFH Nichols O
6097 Cdt C Nielsen A
3177 Mr WA Odhiambo O
3870 Mr LS Otundo O
5718 Mr M Palmer X
6106 Cdt J Powers O
6109 Mrs GL Rantile O
5343 Mr M Raps O
5855 Mr I Reeves O
6111 Mr ND Richmond X
6112 Mr B Rigo O
6114 Cdt SMG Robertson O
5859 Miss SAM Rorison O
5262 Mr TP Shaw O
9999 Mr JP Short O
5868 Mr B Soelzer O
6126 Mr K Stewart O
6128 Mr A Strudwick O
5871 Mr S Sutton O
5740 Cdt R Tancred O
5872 Cdt T Tancred O
6129 Cdt J Tarnowski O
5742 Mr JI Thombora X
5743 Mr JT Thorp O
5879 Cdt AJ Todd O
6134 Cdt V Tremblay O
6135 Cdt A Tucker A
6140 Cdt JC Voyer A
6141 Mr H Waldern O
5755 Cdt HEJ Welch O
6142 Mr T Westmaas O
6146 Cdt MG Woodcock O
5763 Mr J Xiao O
5890 Mr G Yates O


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