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NRA Clubs licenced to use MoD ranges in Wales and the West Midlands will be aware of temporary range restrictions imposed in mid- September. Following detailed discussions with our DIO colleagues I can confirm that the restrictions have been lifted subject to the following conditions;

NRA RCO’s must be familiar with the current Range Standing Orders and the restrictions set in the Range Certificate (904).

Clubs must comply with the range Muzzle Energy limits-these are set in Joules; the majority of ranges are restricted to 4500J. Most of Wales & West Ranges are Limited Danger Area Templates, the RDA being 1830m with the exception of some being 2900m

By signing the Range Log (906) the RCO confirms that he/she will abide by the limitations of the range and comply with range specific regulations.

All firing practises must be in accordance with Home Office and guidelines and NRA Policy.  Specific procedures for the use of muzzle-loading firearms are detailed in the NRA RCO manual.

The Club Secretary must supply a list of RCOs yearly through Landmarc Support Services in order to book ranges. The Chairman of the Club must complete DSA OME Pt3 Chap 2 Annexe B stating all RCOs and club members are Safe, Qualified and Competent.


Summary of range availability

All 25m 1908 Barrack Ranges have been temporarily closed through a Range Safety Notice issued by DSA dated Oct 19.

The following ranges within Wales & West are available to NRA affiliated Clubs that hold a current licence authorised by Mod

  • Sealand A – 100m Range on a 2900m RDA.
  • Sealand B – 400m Range on a 1830m RDA.  There are restrictions with this range; ME must not exceed 4500J , no firing from beyond 300m Firing Point.  See RSO.
  • Sealand Butt Stop Range – 25m range.  Restricted to Pistol only (calibre being 4.6mm and 9mm Ball munitions only.  ME 2030J max).
  • Nesscliff – 25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Kinmel – 25m Range.
  • Kingsbury A – 600y Range.  Clubs can fire above 4500J providing the RCO has the relevant NRA High Muzzle Energy course training and this is endorsed on their individual RCO card.
  • Kingsbury B – 600y CGR.  As for Kingsbury A Range restrictions.  Note the 200mil rule for both ranges is not allowed for Civilian Clubs.
  • Kingsbury – 25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Swynnerton – 25m Range – Temp closed (currently restricted to rifle only)
  • Whittington – No 3 25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Whittington – No 4 25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Whittington – No 5  25m Range – Temp closed.
  • Rogiet Moor – 600m CGR.  Temp closed due to licence and RDA issues.
  • Rogiet Moor Butt Stop Range – 25m range.  Temp closed due to licence and RDA issues.
  • Penally 500y Gallery Range – Restrictions, no firing beyond 300m firing point, range maintenance issues (Max ME 3276J for civilian clubs).
  • Sennybridge:
  • J1 100m Range – Temp Closed
  • J2 300m ETR Range.
  • J3 600m Gallery Range – There is a local restriction on this range due to RDA & template restrictions – the 4500J ME applies; no civilian HME firearms may be used.
  • J3A not available to NRA Clubs.
  • Z 200m Range

Nic Couldrey

Regional Ranges Manager

December 2019

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