Offensive Weapons Bill Second Reading 27/6/18

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22nd June 2018

“Offensive Weapons Bill” – Second Reading Wednesday 27th June 2018

We the target shooting community are being unfairly treated by prohibitions proposed in the above Bill.

I have emailed MPs asking them to challenge the Bill; my letter can be found [Here]

Time is short and it is essential that shooters contact their local MP and:-

  • State their support to the NRA’s letter
  • Urge their local MP to question:

(a) the details of the NCA / police Risk Assessments that apparently have identified .50” calibre / MARS rifles as particular risks to public safety

(b) what reductions in firearms crime are expected as a result of the prohibitions

(c) the incidence of legally held rifles being used in crime; and

(d) why the strict rules on the granting of FACs are deemed insufficient in the case of .50” calibre, MARS and lever release rifles.

Our politicians have many demands on their time and attention; it is best to concentrate upon the unjustified attack on the law abiding shooting community rather than detailed technical descriptions.

This Bill, if unchallenged, risks setting a dangerous precedent for the shooting community as it proposes banning certain firearms without evidence or credible justification. Today the target is .50” calibre and MARS / lever release rifles; tomorrow it could be one of yours.

Please email your local MP – their contact details can be found here

The Bill and evidence base can be found here


Andrew Mercer

Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

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