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The NRA recognises that many individual members enjoy target shooting activity on privately owned ranges, ranges operated by Clubs and ranges operated by commercial enterprises.

Members are reminded that they must comply with the conditions under which their Firearm Certificate (FAC) is granted. Firearms and ammunition used for target shooting can only be used on ranges suitable for the safe use of that class of firearm and with adequate financial arrangements in place to meet any injury or damage claim.

NRA members must familiarise themselves with range safety limits including the muzzle energy, muzzle velocity limits, safe engagement distances before commencing live firing. This information should be available in range procedures and range orders. Members must ensure that they hold adequate insurance cover for their shooting activity.

Club officials including range officers responsible for range bookings must ensure that the planned shooting activity complies with the safety limits of the range and that adequate insurance cover is in place.  Further clarification should be obtained from the range operator before any live firing commences.



Nic Couldrey
Regional Ranges Manager

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