Coronavirus Update: 24th April 2020 – Clubs & Range Operators


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Your club premises or range may be eligible for a Government grant

We are encouraging all shooting clubs and range operators whose premises are liable for business rates (even if none are paid) to read the enclosed Government guidance document in conjunction with their most recent business rates bill (even if none is due) to determine if they are eligible for a cash grant.

Small Business Grant and Retail Leisure Hospitality Grant Guidance for Businesses


In response to the Coronavirus, Covid-19, the Government announced there would be support for small businesses, and businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.  This support takes the form of two grant funding schemes in the financial year 2020/21. Eligibility for a grant payment depends on your circumstances on 11 March 2020.

The available grants

You will qualify for a grant of £10,000 if at that date you were in receipt of Small Business Rate Relief and your rateable value is less than £15,000, or because you were in receipt of or Rural Rate Relief.

You will qualify for a grant of £10,000 if at that date you were in receipt of the Expanded Retail Discount and your rateable value is £15,000 or less.  If you are in this category and your rateable value is over £15,000 and less than £51,000 you will qualify for a grant of £25,000.

What to do

Check your business rates bill to see if you qualify.


Some councils are making payments direct to the rate payer’s bank account; others are emailing and / or writing to ratepayers requesting that they complete an application form. To find out how your local council is managing the process, check their website.


Andrew Mercer

NRA Secretary General, NSC Chief Executive

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