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We have recently added a section to the 2020 Target Rifle Imperial Results page, which shows the difference between ‘Results’ and ‘Prizelists’ for squadded competitions. Previously we have only published the prizelist meaning the vast proportion of competitors do not see where they scored in comparison to their peers. Before perusing please note:

Results: A pure list of scores for competitions not taking into account subsequent ties and shot data

Prizelists: Do not necessarily award prizes to the top placing competitors, and can therefore differ from the Results Lists. Most squadded competitions apply Prize Lists A (see appendix 13 in the NRA handbook) which firstly limits the prize list to 20% of the total entries if less than 500 competitors took part. The prize list will include the top placing competitors in each class X, A, O and T in proportion to the number of entries made in each class, whilst ensuring that all those in Class T scoring the highest possible score are included.

To view the Results lists from the 2020 Imperial Meeting click HERE and see the results under the header “Target Rifle Individual Results”

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